Help your employees take care, anywhere

Online therapy and best-in-class digital services for mental health and well-being.


Keep your workforce healthy, engaged and productive

No matter their location, employees receive immediate support for what matters most to them.

Care at your fingertips

Employees can independently browse or complete an intake assessment to receive personalized recommendations.

Convenient, confidential
& secure online therapy

  • Employee chooses their dedicated, licensed therapist
  • Therapy can begin same day as registration
  • Private messaging and live video sessions available

Leave your traditional EAP behind

We reflect the demands of today’s workforce. Our care is flexible, inclusive and personal.
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Clinically proven outcomes

80% thought Talkspace was as effective or more effective than traditional therapy.
98% found it to be more convenient than traditional therapy.
Percentage of clients experiencing clinically significant change within:
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vs Traditional EAP


5% minimum guarantee vs 1-2% industry average


Direct digital triagevs Phone authorization

Therapy start time

Same day startvs 3-week average

Provider fit

Employee self-selectsvs “Phone book” lookup

Interactive tools

Happify service optionvs No CBT tools
Direct digital service access & triage
Same-day start
Client elected provider fit, review and select
Interactive wellness tools with Happify
5% minimum penetration rate guaranteed

Traditional EAP

Requires phone call authorization to access service
Average 3 weeks to start
‘Phone book’ lookup approach to provider selection
CBT tools not available
1-2% average penetration rate

Our impact

A service that generates great value

  • Double digit penetration rates
  • Measurable therapy outcomes (incl. PHQ, GAD, WOS)
  • Satisfied employees

Hear it from real clients

Apr 23, 2019
I am using @talkspace to speak with a therapist since my work schedule is all over the place.
It's honestly one of the best things to have discovered this past week.
May 6, 2019
Like a true millennial with a crazy schedule, I recently started @talkspace therapy annnnd I actually really like it? My mind is blown on why I didn't take this step sooner. Turns out health and wellness isn't exclusive to hitting the gym 🤷🏻
Jan 11, 2020
Getting a panic attack and an anxiety attack at the same time truly sucks. But I am forever grateful for Talkspace being 24/7.

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Self-improvement reimagined

In a world that's increasingly stressful, Happify provides fun, individualized, and science-based tools and exercises to achieve greater happiness.

Increasing access to care is in our DNA

We reflect the demands of today’s workforce with flexible, inclusive and personal care.
  • Nationwide clinical network
  • Same day treatment
  • 1 million clients and counting
  • 60% first-time therapy clients
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