Leading by example: How employers can prioritize mental health in 2024

Leading by example: How employers can prioritize mental health in 2024

There’s a critical need for today’s organizations to promote positive employee mental health — and what better time is there than the start of the new year to set fresh intentions and resolve to help your employees? The passage of time is symbolic of change. It offers the perfect opportunity to make significant organizational change, ensuring employee well-being is your company's priority. 

As we move into 2024, set an organization-wide intent to create a mentally healthy work environment. Not only will your workforce thank you, but you’ll also reap the benefits of improving mental health in the workplace

Read on to learn more about the power of intention-setting for organizational mental health, how to do it effectively in your company, and which key players you’ll need to involve if you want to get the most out of your efforts. 

The power of intention setting for organizational mental health

Championing mental wellness in an organization pays off in multiple ways. Research shows a direct correlation between poor mental health and productivity loss, which means focusing on improving mental well-being can result in a more productive workforce. It can also enhance morale and even offer financial rewards. 

In short, setting clear, focused intentions to improve employee mental health is well worth the effort you’ll put in. You’ll see advantages like:

  • Morale boost: Offering mental health support shows you care. When people feel cared about, they’re generally happier and more engaged with their work.
  • Productivity boost: Workers with a steady mental health support system can focus on their work, increasing productivity and improving employee satisfaction and loyalty to an organization. 
  • Well-being boost: Many studies have found that poor mental health can negatively impact a variety of areas of life, including strained employee relationships, increased risk of occupational health issues, higher absenteeism rates, an uptick in physical ailments, and more.  

Creating an environment where your workforce is mentally healthy is a strategic way to drive your business forward. Fewer sick days, happier employees, and increased revenue from higher productivity are likely outcomes. 

4 Ways to lead workplace mental wellness into the new year

While traditionally seen as an opportunity for personal growth and resolutions, the new year also offers an excellent opportunity to revamp your organization’s approach to employee mental health. Instilling a positive culture around mental well-being will ultimately foster an environment that reduces employee burnout and encourages balance. You can take charge of enhanced organizational mental health in the following ways. 

Integrate mental health into organizational values

Simply put, making mental health a core company value is smart business. Weaving mental wellness into your culture helps employees flourish. Get started by:

  • Defining what mental health means
  • Tailoring your definition to fit your unique organization vibe and goals
  • Promoting your view of the importance of mental health in the workplace
  • Offering support that’s readily available and easily accessible
  • Remembering that leadership buy-in is crucial

Encourage employees to set personal mental health intentions

Your team will need support if their mental health will thrive — and this goes beyond just telling them to set personal boundaries regarding workloads or deadlines. Go further by encouraging employees to:

  • Set their own goals for their mental health
  • Prioritize taking breaks 
  • Make open-door policies that allow people to speak up when they feel overwhelmed
  • Understand the importance of individual commitment to the process 

Provide resources and support for mental wellness initiatives

Prioritizing mental well-being takes more than just having good intentions. You can start by offering effective, comprehensive employee assistance programs that focus on reducing and managing stress. Don’t stop there, though. You should also consider:

  • Training management and leadership to recognize warning signs that someone might need help
  • Ensuring access to therapy for employees is always there
  • Guaranteeing privacy to encourage open dialogue

Conduct regular mental health check-ins and feedback sessions

Make it a point to check in with employees about their mental health regularly. Doing so can reduce the chance of burnout or further health challenges. Implement regular mental health check-ins by:

  • Having routine conversations surrounding mental health to destigmatize the topic
  • Making and promoting policy that offers a safe place for employees to seek help
  • Regularly asking for feedback so you can better offer what your workforce most needs

How to lead with intention for company-wide change

Getting the most out of your new intentions for company-wide change means setting profound goals that will ripple throughout your organization. Leadership has a unique opportunity to model powerful examples of the importance of positive mental health. When management openly advocates mental well-being, employees are more likely — and willing — to do the same. Leading with intention can mean:

  • Being transparent about organizational mental health policies — especially with new hires and during training periods
  • Offering resources that support mental health — including support through therapy and offering penalty-free mental health days off
  • Creating and promoting policy that supports work-life balance for employees
  • Setting boundaries and making self-care a part of leadership’s routine — and ensuring the workforce sees it

Start the new year investing in workplace mental health

As you ring in 2024, make a bold move and invest in employee mental health. Talkspace understands that when employees feel mentally and emotionally supported, they can be the best versions of themselves at work. 

Drive performance and spark innovation with a workplace environment that focuses on well-being. Talkspace offers critical support and essential tools that help employees find and maintain optimal mental health through access to professional guidance when, where, and how they need it. 

The convenience of Talkspace makes getting help easier than ever — get started today.


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