Trustworthy mental health referrals, covered by insurance

When you need to refer patients to quickly available, affordable therapy or psychiatry, Talkspace is a trustworthy solution. Your patients can receive high-quality care for a full range of mental health conditions with no wait.

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In-network with major insurers, with 112 million lives covered for care

Refer patients to expert care they can afford

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No waits
Your patients will be matched with a licensed therapist within days, or have a video visit with a psychiatric provider in about a week. 

Proven results
The quality of Talkspace mental health care is supported by 20+ published studies conducted with research partners including Columbia, Harvard, and NYU.

We accept insurance
Talkspace is in-network with major insurance plans including Cigna, Optum, and Aetna, and most insured members pay a copay of $25 or less.

Multiple care modalities
Patients can choose video appointments, voice sessions, text-based therapy, or a combination, so they access mental health services that fit their preferences and lifestyle.

Expertise in prescription medication
If a patient would benefit from mental health medication, one of our psychiatric providers can diagnose and prescribe the right treatment for pick-up at a local pharmacy. Note: Talkspace does not prescribe controlled substances.

Monitor your patients’ progress
A patient can consent to share their progress with you, if requested.

Watch how it works

Curious to learn more about the Talkspace Physician Referral program? We created a short video to explain the benefits for your patients, and walk you through the process of referring them.

Multiple options to meet your patients’ needs

Our care team has 180+ areas of specialization and can address routine mental health concerns like stress as well as serious diagnosed conditions. We remove common barriers that prevent or limit access to mental health care, making convenient online care accessible to patients with busy schedules, those who live in remote areas, and anyone who is reluctant to seek mental health care in person.

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Emotional and behavioral health support from experienced, licensed, and caring clinicians—treatment can begin within days of registration 


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Prompt psychiatric evaluation, prescription, and medication management from licensed medical prescribers who are specialized in diagnosing and treating mental health conditions


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Self-guided programs backed by research and designed to improve emotional intelligence and well-being, completed at the patient’s own pace

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Clinically proven results

Over a decade of experience validates Talkspace’s treatment methods:


published studies


partnerships with
prestigious research



Unlock a diverse provider network

Our network of highly skilled therapists and psychiatric providers has the reach and expertise you need to meet the rising demand for care.

states of licensure
languages spoken
identify as BIPOC
experienced in
LGBTQIA+ issues
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Better member engagement and outcomes

As a leading digital mental health platform, Talkspace has invested in efficacy studies that validate value and member outcomes.


50% of users are seeking care for the first time*


66% of users continuously engage with the platfom for at least 3 months1


70% of users report clinical improvement within just 12 weeks of care2

At Talkspace, I was able to get matched with a therapist within about a day and a half. It felt like having momentum. It felt like when I needed to talk to somebody, Talkspace was there to meet me with a solution.
Talkspace works for me because it's easy to use. It's convenient. And I have a fantastic therapist that I see that I can imagine not talking to.
This has been the most amazing experience and far surpassed any expectations I had. My therapist is brilliant...genuinely empathetic and provides solid direction, support and advice.
Talkspace has given me a chance to not give up on myself. I can definitely say that. It's helped me. It's helped me see things very differently.
This service has been a lifesaver. Therapy isn't about having someone solve your problems but having someone teach you new perspectives to solve your own problems.

1:1 comprehensive care for all patients

We offer therapy for adults, teens, and couples, psychiatric prescriptions and medication management, and on-demand counseling.

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