Talkspace for Employee Assistance Programs

Expand your EAP with Talkspace

In today’s ever-changing marketplace, there’s a reason the nation’s leading payers have all partnered with Talkspace. Talkspace’s higher utilization, unparalleled reporting, and access to early and preventative care reduces the risk of chronic conditions that drive up costs.

Our benefits for EAP programs include joining your network or partnering with you to deliver a more digital product.

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A flexible EAP extension that overcomes barriers

EAPs are a valuable employee resource often managing multiple networks and services. Talkspace acts as an easy extension of your network - ensuring that preventative mental health care is easily accessible and, most importantly, used by those who need it most.

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Pair members with the right providers

More than ever, it’s critical to make flexible, effective mental health services available when, where, and how members need them. From the outset, Talkspace’s proprietary QuickMatch™ pairs members and providers based on specific needs.

Offer prompt access to care

Talkspace puts members in contact with a licensed provider who fits their needs within days. Prompt access to mental health care is essential, since early treatment and preventative care have been shown to prevent chronic conditions, thereby reducing future medical costs.

Increase EAP utilization

Employee assistance programs often have low awareness and utilization rates—less than 10% of employees know about or use EAP services. Talkspace provides communications and marketing support, educational resources, and content to drive awareness and ultimately increase engagement.

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What our EAP support looks like

  • A diverse 50-state network

    Our diverse network includes licensed providers in every state, with hundreds of specialty areas including LGBTQIA+ issues, veterans, adolescents, and more. A nationwide virtual network also makes care a reality for the many Americans who don’t have access to a local provider.
  • Unprecedented data insights

    We have detailed reporting capabilities and real-time eligibility information, including a collection of Workplace Outcome Suite surveys for all EAP members.
  • Strategic support to streamline EAP

    Account services simplify implementation of your EAP service, and a dedicated strategic manager ensures continued support for day-to-day needs.

A unique and customized member experience

  • Personalized matching service

    Proprietary matching technology—QuickMatch™—leads to greater engagement and long-term success, translating to lower healthcare costs overall.
  • Convenient and adaptable access

    Ensured mental health care access for members within days, using the convenient modality of choice (live text, audio, video chat, or asynchronous messaging).
  • Care continuity

    Care also doesn’t have to end when a member’s allotted sessions are up—they can continue with their provider by switching to their behavioral benefits or by paying out of pocket.
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Two phone screens, one with provider profile and the other with video call
Our partnership with Talkspace has enabled us to respond to our members’ behavioral health needs quickly during these challenging times. Talkspace maintained quick response times with high-quality services, ensuring our members received the care they needed when they needed it the most.
BCBS Healthcare Solutions Manager

Efficiently expand care for the workforce

Enhanced EAPs do more by putting mental health care within reach. Talkspace makes workplace wellness accessible and affordable.

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