Talkspace for Payers

Highly validated behavioral healthcare

Talkspace’s accessible care model uses a research-validated virtual approach to offer behavioral health nationwide. Our network of high-quality, highly skilled, and independently licensed therapists and prescribers spans all 50 states—we’ll have your members covered.

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Quality mental health care within reach

Research shows that 56% of Americans1 want to access a mental health care provider. Talkspace connects members to a professional therapist or medical prescriber quickly and without high costs, long waits, and limited options.

As a leading digital mental health platform, Talkspace has invested in efficacy studies that validate value and member outcomes.


are seeking care for
the first time


engage with the
platform for 3+ months

Let Talkspace enhance your mental health offerings

Efficiently expand your current network

Talkspace providers are licensed across all 50 states and have obtained over 150 areas of expertise.

Everyone in our diverse network of clinicians is licensed, insured, and verified according to National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) standards.

Reduce overall medical costs with high engagement

Talkspace sees high treatment engagement, which substantially lowers medical costs for both members and payers.

Even just a 1% increase in treatment for behavioral health conditions2 can result in as much as $2.4 billion in medical cost savings for U.S. consumers annually.

Deliver a modern, validated solution

Our trustworthy care model has been validated time and again via quantitative data, rigorous research, and third-party credentials.

High levels of regulatory compliance and a 100% score on national health payer audits further support the Talkspace solution.

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Clinically proven results, backed by industry-leading research

The results from peer-reviewed efficacy research are undeniable. Over 20 published studies, 3 NIH grants, and 10+ years of partnering with more than two dozen highly respected research institutions validate treatment methods through measurable clinical outcomes.

One longitudinal study of 10,000 Talkspace participants shows incredibly positive results. In 12 weeks or less:


of participants
fully recovered


of participants saw significant improvement

After 12 weeks of therapy, employees report feeling more energized, engaged, and productive at work. Our studies have also shown:

- 50%
arrow down
50% fewer work hours missed
+ 36%
arrow up
36% increase in productivity
+ 39%
arrow up
39% better work-life balance
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An enhanced and integrated experience

Payers and members benefit from expanded access to mental health care services and seamless claims integration.

Enhance your current EAP

Increase member access to effective mental health care by allowing Talkspace to serve as an extension to existing EAPs. Members will gain access to high-quality counseling and therapy when they need it, curbing rising healthcare costs across the board.

Enjoy seamless integration

Talkspace makes it easy for members to get the therapy and psychiatric services they need. Once services are rendered, we submit any behavioral health claims directly to the payer for prompt, easy reimbursement.

Unlock a nationwide network of providers

Talkspace’s nationwide network of providers continues to rise to the challenge of helping payers offer expanded, cost-effective access to quality behavioral healthcare.

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Diverse, experienced, and specialized care

Talkspace offers increased access to mental health care from providers who are both experienced and diverse. In our network, over 30% have experience working with LGBTQIA+ issues, more than a third self-identify as BIPOC, and over 25 languages are spoken.

Our partnership with Talkspace has enabled us to respond to our members’ behavioral health needs quickly during these challenging times. Talkspace maintained quick response times with high-quality services, ensuring our members received the care they needed when they needed it the most.
BCBS Healthcare Solutions Manager
...It stops being so much about when the clock told you you needed to get help. It's there when you need it. That was a really major part for us.

Invest in accessible mental health services

Talkspace gives your members the mental health care they deserve, when and how they need it.

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