Mental health awareness month toolkit

Mental health awareness month toolkit

For Mental Health Awareness Month, Talkspace encourages all organizations to foster a culture supportive of removing the barrier and stigma associated with mental health.

When teams promote healthy discourse around employee mental health and well-being, everyone benefits. Throughout the month, we will be adding to our Mental Health Awareness Month Toolkit. Find a curated list of events, special guests, articles and workshops to help people leaders take action to combat the mental health crisis in the workplace and beyond.

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A New Normalization of mental health conversations and expectations

Explore some of the key insights unearthed in a new Talkspace survey

Three years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we're seeing a sharp shift in attitudes about mental health, and in expectations about how employers should address it. 

In a recent Talkspace survey, we asked nearly 4,000 members of our community to share their thoughts on discussing mental health struggles, seeking therapy, and getting support through the workplace to help with productivity and retention. 

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Employee Stress Check 2022

We launched our second annual Employee Stress Check report, in partnership with The Harris Poll. We set out to explore American employees’ wellbeing in the workplace, understand stressors, and educate employers on how they can address stress at work. Our report shows that even though pandemic restrictions have eased, approximately half of American workers are still experiencing burnout.

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The HR Manager's Guide to Employee Burnout

Burnout at Work is Contagious. Here’s How to Spot it and Stop it.

According to a 2021 report by, 52% of employees feel burned out, and 67% believe COVID worsened those feelings.

Employee burnout is a growing problem in today’s businesses. The best way to protect your organization is through burnout prevention. Learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms early on and offer ongoing support to those who are suffering. We put together a comprehensive guide for HR managers with causes, manifestations and actions items you can take today to address burnout at work.

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4 Tips to Improve Employee Productivity

‍Hint: it starts with mental health

‍It’s common for employees to bring stress from their personal life into the workplace, and vice versa. Studies have shown that after 12 weeks of therapy, employees reported feeling more energized, productive, and engaged. According to the World Health Organization, for each $1 invested into mental health treatment, companies see a $4 return in improved health and productivity.

But can the same be said for the reverse? If you improve productivity, can you improve your mental health as well?

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Creating "Good Stress" to Impact Performance

Introducing the Stress Performance Curve‍

Most of us are experiencing high levels of stress firsthand, but when stress is in the right balance, it can actually be mentally healthy. Helping employees feel happy and productive isn’t just about reducing stress, but taking a nuanced approach to viewing performance—and stress levels—on a spectrum.

The Yerkes-Dodson Law maps the relationship between how much stress someone is experiencing with their ability to achieve their goals.

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An interactive workshop for you and your team

Sometimes our worries take control of us and we feel like we can’t interrupt our negative thoughts. This can feel overwhelming and limits our ability to engage with our everyday tasks.

In this workshop, Taming Worrying Thoughts, Liz Colizza, will guide you through practical exercises designed to help you take back control of your thought life. Attendance will be anonymous and everyone who signs-up will receive the live video recording. All employees and leaders are encouraged to attend!

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A therapist’s guide to reducing work stress

The more human you are as a leader, the more your workers will respond.

Burnout is one of the top causes of attrition, but building a roadmap to tackle this issue can be difficult. In this article, Liz Colizza, licensed Talkspace therapist and Director of Clinical Content, guides you through 4 ways managers support their employees and decrease the levels of worry in their workplace.

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Talkspace: Self-Guided

Attend a demo and get a free access code for your team.

We’re on a mission to make therapy more accessible to all. One of the ways that we’re doing that is through Talkspace: Self-Guided, the newest addition to our suite of services.  

Talkspace Self-Guided is designed to help executives, managers, and teams prioritize and build emotional intelligence and mental wellness in and out of the workplace through self-guided courses on topics like Anxiety, Work Stress, and Burnout, and live, weekly classes held by licensed therapists.

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Talkspace x Michael Phelps x SHRM

The Vital Role HR Plays to Improve Mental Health

On May 4th at 11 AM ET, Talkspace Ambassador Michael Phelps joins SHRM and Aetna to discuss the disconnect on mental health between workers and employers, and the need for employers to care for the whole employee. More conversation topics in the keynote will include:

  • The need to de- stigmatize mental health issues.
  • What it means to care for the whole person.
  • How employers can offer modern family benefits to support working parents and caregivers

Be sure to also sign up for our webinar, Employee Stress Check 2022 - Fixing the Breaks that Lead to Resignation, for a sneak peak at our upcoming Employee Stress Check survey, updated for 2022. ‍

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Why is mental health so important?

1 in 5 adults experience at least one mental health condition every year‍

Written by Talkspace therapist, Bisma Anwar, LMHC.

Mental health awareness might be one of the most pressing issues we’re currently facing in the healthcare industry as a whole, which is why there’s a national movement to celebrate mental health awareness every May.

Fighting the stigma, providing support and resources to struggling individuals and their loved ones, and advocating for policy changes are all integral parts of mental health awareness month.

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Communication can be just as critical as care

Strategies to support your organization’s well-being program

When building a workplace well-being program, communications can be just as critical as the resources offered.

In this guide, we discuss 3 communication strategies to help increase well-being program awareness, consideration, and utilization. 

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Mental health does not need to be expensive

10 health practices that won't break the bank.

In addition to therapy, checking in with your mind and body is an important ritual for mental health and overall well-being. Are you feeling depleted? Exhausted? Lonely? Anxious? As we enter the official month for Mental Health Awareness, we’ve rounded up a few low-cost ideas to reset, recharge, and make the most out of summer.

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Advancing Mental Health Through Asynchronous Therapy

On-demand Webinar | Recorded April 2022

Talkspace revolutionized the way behavioral healthcare can be delivered by introducing asynchronous therapy over a decade ago. Since that time, we have continued to research its efficacy as compared to live sessions.

Join us, as we review the latest ground breaking research from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in partnership with Mental Health America that continues to prove the efficacy of async care, and its effectiveness for higher acuity needs in driving patient retention.

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Every successful organization knows that supporting employee mental well-being is a priority for Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond. Implementing mental health care programs that include workplace wellness strategies, access to professional help, and support through challenging situations, is a significant first step if you’re looking for ways to improve employee mental health.

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