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Mental health services for business services employers

Mental health services for business services employees have become an essential component in fostering a healthy and productive work environment. Partner with Talkspace to provide flexible solutions to bettering employee mental health.

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Business services need mental health support more than ever

Spurred by Covid-related disruption in the business sector, we’ve seen a significant shift in how people perceive mental illness and seek support. The new normal: Business services employees need and deserve accessible mental health care to perform better at work and in life. 


of employees experienced negative impacts of work-related stress in the past month


report that action & resources from employers would improve their mental health

How it works

Solutions to support business services employees

Busy business professionals can find better mental health care when their organization provides adequate support. These are some essential components of a modern employee mental health offering:

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No long waits for busy professionals

Talkspace’s matching process lets employees start communication with a licensed provider within days, drastically reducing wait times typically associated with traditional therapy settings.

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Flexible care for any preference

Talkspace gives business services professionals the flexibility and modality choices (text-based therapy, video sessions, and more) that work best for those with busy careers.

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Comprehensive network for employees everywhere

Employers with a remote or hybrid workforce will appreciate that, the Talkspace network allows employees to get virtual mental health support in all 50 states.

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Proven results for employee wellness

Incorporating effective mental health support systems can lead to several positive outcomes. For example, Talkspace research found that even just 3 weeks of online therapy can offer incredible results, including clinically significant improvement in depression and anxiety symptoms after regular asynchronous text therapy.

- 50%
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50% fewer work hours missed
+ 36%
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36% increase in productivity
+ 39%
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39% better work-life balance

Tackle mental health challenges among business services professionals

Business service professionals face numerous issues that can negatively affect psychological well-being.

High stress levels

High-pressure situations are common in the business services sector and can increase stress levels and prolonged tension, which may lead to worry, sadness, or exhaustion.

Work-life balance struggles

Long hours and demanding schedules often make it difficult for business service professionals to find time for self-care and personal relationships.

Isolation and loneliness

While the now common flexible and remote work schedules can benefit many workers, it can also contribute to feelings of isolation and loneliness among employees who lack regular social interaction with colleagues.

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How Talkspace can help


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Talkspace offers dozens of self-guided programs and therapist-led classes for those seeking help on their own timeline. Self-guided resources are easy for business services professionals to use during downtime in their busy schedules.


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Talkspace provides business professionals access to licensed therapists that specialize in treating various mental health conditions. Employees can engage in confidential therapy sessions through asynchronous text messaging, audio messages, or video calls — allowing them to receive care at their convenience.


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Psychiatric services are also available for business service employees who require a prescription for mental health medication or medication management. Employees can connect with an online licensed prescriber for questions and help with personalized treatment.

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Why business services employers partner with Talkspace


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Reporting capabilities

Talkspace’s detailed reporting gives you actionable insights into how benefits are being used, so you can enhance or adjust your offerings as needed.

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Access to Talkspace Engage

The Talkspace Engage portal helps busy HR leaders easily promote mental health in the workplace. Access robust marketing and onboarding support, and gather insights from real-time reports on utilization, engagement, and activation. 

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Customized plans and pricing

Talkspace works with each employer partner to find the best solution for your business.

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Run business as usual by keeping mental health in check

Prioritize employee mental health and partner with Talkspace to foster a supportive atmosphere that facilitates growth and productivity.

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