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Mental health services for healthcare and hospital employees

In the healthcare sector, mental well-being is a key concern for personnel at all levels, from doctors and nurses to hospital CEOs and directors. Talkspace’s clinical care services make workplace wellness and support in the healthcare industry just a click away. 

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Like their patients, healthcare employees need and deserve quality care

Healthcare workers face unique challenges that can affect their well-being if left unchecked. They need a comprehensive platform designed specifically for healthcare professionals, with accessible, flexible access to quality mental healthcare that fits their needs and busy schedules.


of health workers are experiencing stress


reported experiencing anxiety


reported frustration


reported exhaustion and burnout

How it works

Solutions to support healthcare workers

Mental health is an expanding concern in the medical field, with virtually every level of provider and employee finding access to care a challenge. Therapists for doctors, nurses, and other practitioners can be hard to come by. Other barriers include long wait times, high costs, and limited access to personalized and diverse mental health care that adequately addresses the specific challenges faced by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel.

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Healthcare professionals don’t have time to wait

Our matching process lets employees begin communication with a licensed provider within days.

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Everyone deserves a flexible approach to care

Talkspace modality choices (including video, audio, and text-based therapy) work with a variety of lifestyles and preferences.

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A comprehensive network in all 50 states for every need

Meeting diverse mental health needs, Talkspace has streamlined the path to treatment.

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Proven results for employee wellness

Message-based care has been deemed “a promising lifeline during chaotic times. Talkspace research shows that in just 3 weeks, more than half of frontline healthcare workers – 56% – reported clinically significant improvement in depression and anxiety symptoms after receiving asynchronous text therapy.

- 50%
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50% fewer work hours missed
+ 36%
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36% increase in productivity
+ 39%
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39% better work-life balance

Combat mental health challenges for healthcare professionals

To some degree, working in the healthcare industry has always been high-stress, but challenges of the Covid pandemic and related disruptions are unprecedented. As a result, many medical professionals today face near-constant exhaustion, and, too often, depression and other mental health conditions.


Facing burnout and “compassion exhaustion,” the result of long working hours without sufficient rest or self care. This increases the potential for heightened depression, stress, and other psychological concerns.


Dealing with high levels of stress from caring for sick patients, making life or death decisions, guarding against malpractice suits, and managing provider teams, are just some of the responsibilities that can take a toll on an MD’s mental health.

Hospital Administration

Juggling multiple tasks, managing operations, and maintaining compliance standards while ensuring patient safety. Administrators’ jobs are made even more challenging by the limited resources available at many hospitals today.

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How Talkspace can help


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More than 70 self-guided therapeutic program interventions, clinically supported and provided by qualified clinicians; access to a range of weekly, therapist-led live classes designed to help healthcare employees manage their mental health independently.


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Talkspace makes finding licensed therapists for physicians and healthcare providers for 1:1 counseling fast and convenient, via asynchronous text message or live video chat; access to professional support without taking time away from work or traveling long distances to appointments.


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Available access to the Talkspace team of licensed medical providers, within 2 weeks. Live video sessions, remote consultations, prescription treatment plans, and medication management, all tailored to individual needs and monitored and adjusted whenever needed.

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Why healthcare employers choose Talkspace


published studies


partnerships with prestigious research institutes


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Reporting capabilities

Talkspace’s detailed reporting gives you actionable insights into how benefits are being used, so you can enhance or adjust your offerings as needed.

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Access to Talkspace Engage

The Talkspace Engage portal helps busy HR leaders easily promote mental health in the workplace. Access robust marketing and onboarding support, and gather insights from real-time reports on utilization, engagement, and activation. 

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Customized plans and pricing

Talkspace works with each employer partner to find the best solution for your business.

Our partnership with Talkspace has enabled us to respond to our members’ behavioral health needs quickly during these challenging times. Talkspace maintained quick response times with high-quality services, ensuring our members received the care they needed when they needed it the most.
BCBS Healthcare Solutions Manager
...It stops being so much about when the clock told you you needed to get help. It's there when you need it. That was a really major part for us.

Clinical care doesn’t stop at patients

Partner with Talkspace to provide proven mental health solutions in healthcare.

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