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Win the case against mental health issues

Legal professionals face many challenges that put them at risk of poor mental health. High-pressure work environments, heavy caseloads, unpredictable schedules, and demanding clients may lead to isolation and burnout. The need for comprehensive and flexible mental health care and therapy for lawyers is evident. 


of lawyers report feeling stressed about work


of lawyers experience symptoms of depression


of lawyers experience symptoms of anxiety


of lawyers experience symptoms of stress

How it works

Mental health services tailored to legal professionals

It’s essential to recognize the unique challenges faced by those in the legal industry. Talkspace helps eliminate the typical barriers to seeking help with a comprehensive platform designed specifically for lawyers and other professionals in this field.

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Reducing the wait time for care

An innovative matching process lets those in the legal field start communicating with a licensed provider within days, rather than waiting weeks or months, as traditional therapy settings often require.

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Flexible options for busy lawyers

At least half of Talkspace members are seeking care for the first time. The various modalities offered — like text messaging and video sessions — can accommodate busy schedules while delivering effective results.

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Holistic support

From individual counseling to psychiatry services and self-guided resources, the Talkspace platform addresses a wide range of mental health concerns experienced by legal professionals. Everyone gets the help they need, when and how they need it.

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Proven results for workplace wellness

There’s proof that tailored mental health services and therapy for lawyers can be beneficial and effective, boosting productivity and giving them strategies for navigating any challenging scenario without taking a hit to their well-being. Professionals see outstanding results, often after just a few weeks of online therapy, including:

- 50%
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50% fewer work hours missed
+ 36%
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36% increase in productivity
+ 39%
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39% better work-life balance

Legal professionals are up against a difficult case

According to research1, the legal profession’s high-pressure environment can lead to numerous mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, high stress, and substance abuse.


The demanding nature of work in the legal field, with its long hours and high expectations, can contribute to feelings of hopelessness and despair.

Anxiety and stress

Those same factors can lead to anxiety for many lawyers, making anxiety disorders another significant concern within the legal profession.

Substance abuse

The high-stress environment and demanding workload can lead some to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms, further compounding mental health struggles.

Source: 1ABAJournal
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How Talkspace can help


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More than 70 self-guided, clinically proven programs are accessible through the Talkspace platform. Gain access to therapist-led live weekly classes and additional resources specifically created to address the demands of those in the legal field.


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Talkspace connects legal professionals with licensed therapists who understand the challenges faced by those in this industry, for confidential online treatment.


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Legal professionals who require a mental health prescription and medication management can consult with board-certified psychiatry providers through secure video appointments from anywhere in the United States.

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Why law firms partner with Talkspace


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partnerships with prestigious research institutes


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Reporting capabilities

Talkspace’s detailed reporting gives you actionable insights into how benefits are being used, so you can enhance or adjust your offerings as needed.

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Access to Talkspace Engage

The Talkspace Engage portal helps busy HR leaders easily promote mental health in the workplace. Access robust marketing and onboarding support, and gather insights from real-time reports on utilization, engagement, and activation. 

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Customized plans and pricing

Talkspace works with each employer partner to find the best solution for your business.

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