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Mental health services for retail employees

Meeting the demands of customers all day can make work in the retail industry uniquely exhausting, and workers need access to mental health support. Partner with Talkspace to provide clinically proven solutions that will strengthen the well-being and productivity of your workforce.

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Retail employees need and deserve care

With a staggering number of retail associates reporting worsening mental health and saying they’ve considered quitting in the last year, there’s an urgent need for accessible and flexible care tailored to this workforce.


say that their mental health deteriorated during the pandemic

are now suffering long-lasting symptoms of mental illness


have considered quitting in the last year

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How it works

Solutions to support retail workers

To support employees in the hectic and demanding retail atmosphere, employers need to offer easy and accessible mental health care. Talkspace provides solutions that eliminate common barriers to care and are designed with retail workers in mind.

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QuickMatch™ reduces wait time

Retail workers often struggle with finding time for self-care, but our quick matching process allows your employees to start communicating with a licensed provider within days.

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Flexible therapy options

Retail workers can get support wherever they are through various modalities including text-based therapy, video sessions, and live chat.

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Nationwide network

Talkspace removes barriers to mental health treatment by offering an expansive network that covers therapy for retail workers in every state in the United States.

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Proven results for employee wellness

Mental health care tailored to retail workers can significantly benefit employee well-being. When your employees feel better, customer service improves, and your business thrives. Research supports the notion that granting employees access to online therapy positively affects the workplace.

- 50%
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50% fewer work hours missed
+ 36%
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36% increase in productivity
+ 39%
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39% better work-life balance

Address mental health issues facing retail employees

Retail industry employees face specific mental health challenges that can impact their overall well-being and job performance.

High stress from customer interactions

Retail employees regularly deal with demanding customers who may have unrealistic expectations or even display aggressive behavior. The emotional labor can be challenging to navigate and wear on mental well-being.

Long hours and irregular schedules

The nature of the retail industry typically means working long hours —often including weekends and holidays — and irregular schedules can disrupt sleep patterns and contribute to feelings of burnout or exhaustion.

Lack of recognition and advancement opportunities

Retail workers often feel undervalued when there is lack of recognition for their hard work or limited opportunities for career growth within the company. This can harm sentiment, leading to high turnover.

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How Talkspace can help


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Over 70 clinically-proven self-guided resources are available with Talkspace, designed to help retail workers face the challenges in their industry. Your employees can work on their mental health independently with therapist-led weekly classes and more.


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Talkspace provides retail workers with access to licensed therapists who specialize in addressing workplace mental health issues that retail employees face.


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Retail employees can consult with licensed Talkspace psychiatry providers to receive a mental health prescription and medication management.

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Why retail employers partner with Talkspace


published studies


partnerships with prestigious research institutes


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Reporting capabilities

Talkspace’s detailed reporting gives you actionable insights into how benefits are being used, so you can enhance or adjust your offerings as needed.

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Access to Talkspace Engage

The Talkspace Engage portal helps busy HR leaders easily promote mental health in the workplace. Access robust marketing and onboarding support, and gather insights from real-time reports on utilization, engagement, and activation. 

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Customized plans and pricing

Talkspace works with each employer partner to find the best solution for your business.

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Reduce turnover by improving workplace mental health

Investing in Talkspace therapy for retail workers and promoting workplace wellness can improve overall employee satisfaction, retention, and mental health.

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