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Mental health services for the sports and entertainment industry

Stressors including high pressure and expectations, long hours, and work travel may put people in the sports and entertainment industries at greater risk of mental health conditions. Access to therapy is an often-overlooked need in these high-pressure industries, but Talkspace provides a solution with accessible, flexible mental health services.

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Address the harmful impact on performance

We shouldn’t underestimate the impact of mental health problems on performance in the sports and entertainment industries, or the need for flexible and accessible care. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) estimates that 35% of elite athletes1 will experience some form of a mental health challenge, and a study2 of professionals in the entertainment industry found that it’s in the top 6 industries where suicide rates are “significantly higher.” These mental health conditions measurably hurt performance.


Depression interferes with a person's ability to complete physical job tasks about 20% of the time


Depression reduces cognitive performance about 35% of the time


of the athlete population will suffer an episode of depression in their lifetime

How it works

Solutions to support sports & entertainment

Get customized solutions designed specifically for those in the sports and entertainment industries. Talkspace offers streamlined access to comprehensive mental health care and removes the traditional barriers that prevent many people from seeking help.

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Eliminating long waits

Our proprietary matching process means busy athletes and entertainment professionals can start working with a licensed therapist within days vs weeks.

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Flexible options make mental health approachable

Talkspace modalities, which include audio, video, and text-based therapy, let members seek care, often for the first time, in a format they’re comfortable with.

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Nationwide network for accessible care

Talkspace has provided mental health treatment for millions of members over the last decade and can meet diverse mental health needs.

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Proven results for workplace wellness

Studies conducted with top research institutions prove that Talkspace therapy is effective. One study of Talkspace text-based therapy found that 70% of participants experienced significant improvement in anxiety or depression symptoms after three weeks. With flexible options and effective care, employers can help improve mental health in sports and entertainment organizations.

- 50%
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50% fewer work hours missed
+ 36%
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36% increase in productivity
+ 39%
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39% better work-life balance

Combat mental health issues in sports and entertainment

The unique mental health challenges within the sports and entertainment industry require tailored solutions. The high pressure and expectations often placed on athletes, entertainers, and those who work alongside them may contribute to the depression, anxiety, and disordered eating that are prevalent in these industries.


Athletes are subject to intense pressure, both from internal drive and external scrutiny, plus the physical demands of their profession can lead to chronic pain or depression associated with injury.

Business Managers

The fast-paced nature of the sports and entertainment industry means business professionals must juggle multiple responsibilities and manage big personalities, and this high-stress environment can result in anxiety disorders or other mental health concerns.


Vendors in the sports and entertainment industry often work long hours under high-pressure situations to ensure events run smoothly. That demanding lifestyle can cause elevated stress, anxiety, and exhaustion.

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How Talkspace can help


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Healing can continue even outside sessions when employees have access to over 70 self-guided therapist-led intervention programs that are clinically supported along with access to weekly live classes.


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Talkspace connects people in the sports and entertainment industries with licensed therapists. The convenience of online and text-based therapy is especially valuable for people with inconsistent schedules working in fast-paced environments.


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When medication is part of the mental health treatment plan, Talkspace’s psychiatry services provide an easy way for busy athletes, entertainers, and employees to consult with board-certified psychiatrists and psychiatric providers online for prescription and medication management.

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Why sports and entertainment employers partner with Talkspace


published studies


partnerships with prestigious research institutes


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Reporting capabilities

Talkspace’s detailed reporting gives you actionable insights into how benefits are being used, so you can enhance or adjust your offerings as needed.

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Access to Talkspace Engage

The Talkspace Engage portal helps busy HR leaders easily promote mental health in the workplace. Access robust marketing and onboarding support, and gather insights from real-time reports on utilization, engagement, and activation. 

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Customized plans and pricing

Talkspace works with each employer partner to find the best solution for your business.

Hear what the sports and entertainment industry has to say

I am so proud to work with Talkspace and to be part of spreading the word about the meaningful work they do. When I discovered I could speak with a therapist by text, web, or video—wherever I might be—it was an amazing feeling of empowerment. I want to help others who may be dealing with the same mental health challenges I have experienced and show them that help is so much easier to access now, and more affordable.
Michael Phelps World Champion Swimmer

Prioritize the mental health of your people

Optimizing well-being and preventing mental health challenges ensures people in the sports and entertainment industry can achieve peak performance. Partner with Talkspace to offer the ideal type of mental health support for your teams and employees.

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