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Mental health therapy benefits for employers under100

Empower your team with cost-effective mental health support.

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Benefitting small employers everywhere

The Talkspace virtual care experience

Our licensed clinicians provide 1:1 mental health support to adults and teens from a secure, HIPAA-compliant digital platform (mobile & desktop).


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Talkspace matches employees with specialized, licensed therapists based on their needs and preferences. Within a matter of days, 1:1 therapy begins via live sessions and/or asynchronous text, audio, and video messaging.

Simple setup and implementation

Experience complete autonomy with our fully self-serve plan, designed to empower you in managing workplace mental health. Our straightforward setup process eliminates the need for a salesperson, allowing you to independently select, customize, and activate your small business mental health support plan with ease and speed.
  • Select your benefit plan

    Choose your benefit plan

    Select from one of three plan types for care, and provide the number of employees for coverage

  • Select payment method

    Select payment method

    Make monthly payments via credit card

  • Give access

    Give employees access

    Share a unique keyword with your organization to give employees support right away

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Awarded “Best Overall” Mental Health Solution

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More value, less work

We give your entire workforce immediate access to mental health support, provider choice, and care flexibility — with no out-of-pocket fees, claims, or paperwork to manage. All starting at $500 per month for a minimum organization size of 25.

Talkspace benefit for small business

  • For individuals, 13+
  • Network availability
  • Dedicated personal therapist
  • Same-day welcome texts
  • Introductory video call
  • Daily text exchanges
  • Live sessions within 7 days
  • Self-guided exercises
  • Emergency protocols
  • Communication materials

Starting rates


per month per employee

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Proven to deliver meaningful change

After 12 weeks of therapy, employees report feeling more energized, engaged, and productive at work. Our studies have also shown:

- 50%
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50% fewer work hours missed
+ 36%
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36% increase in productivity
+ 39%
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39% better work-life balance

Get the support your employees need to succeed

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is pricing calculated for a Small Business plan?

The cost of the plan is based on the number of covered lives in your organization. Pricing is discounted above certain thresholds. The first 50 members are charged the standard business rate. The next 50 members are charged at a discount.

How is a Small Business plan different from an Enterprise plan?

Small Business plans are designed for the fastest possible sign-up process at a lower cost than a full Enterprise plan. Enterprise plans offer more robust business reporting and account-management options.

How long are the “live” therapy sessions?

At this time, live sessions are 30 minutes in duration.

What happens if our organization size increases during the year?

If your organization has grown to exceed 100 employees, send an email to to update your capacity. Please note, as per the terms of service, that per-employee-per-month basis pricing is based on a good faith estimate of the total size of your organization. Talkspace retains the right to request an updated population total at any point during the contracted period. This is to ensure that we are accurately allocating and managing the case loads of our clinical provider network.

Can additional live sessions be purchased by an employee?

Yes, members can choose to purchase additional live sessions at any time.

How do employees register their Talkspace account?

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter preferred email and org keyword
  3. Answer a few questions and get matched with a therapist
  4. Validate their email and finish account creation