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Democratizing access to care

With Talkspace's government program, your citizens can match with a personal licensed therapist in minutes, access self-help tools, or participate in mental health webinars, ranging from trauma to burnout. More than two million people have received support from a Talkspace therapist on our secure app (mobile/desktop). We give cities, counties and states the opportunity to:
  • Provide virtual therapy, self-help tools, and webinars
  • Launch quickly with a fast-track rollout plan
  • Measure impact with utilization and outcome reports
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Our program

For your staff

Launch a comprehensive virtual support program that can support both adults and adolescents in a range of emotional and well-being needs, including stress, anxiety and relationships. Want to learn more? Call 212-354-1544 to request a demo.

For citizens

Match with an available therapist in as little as 15 minutes (average). Receive professional support throughout the week from the same provider via text and connect for video appointments.
Call 212-354-1544 to learn how we rolled out a program for 200,000 residents, 13+, in Reno, Nevada.
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"Now, more than ever, people are feeling incredibly isolated. People have been at home for months on end and our lives have changed. No one should suffer in silence. I'm grateful for my entire council to realize the magnitude of this mental health epidemic.”
Mayor Schieve, City of Reno
“We picked Talkspace as our mental health vendor of choice because they are credible...We appreciate the plethora of clinical studies...and, at the same time, we value knowing they are compliant across HIPAA, HITECH and California Consumer Privacy Act and GDPR.”
Federal Government Institution

Talkspace vs
face-to-face therapy

found Talkspace to be as effective or more effective than traditional therapy.
found it to be more convenient than traditional therapy.
Percentage of clients experiencing clinically significant change within:
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